Let’s Park Together!

Only now, under the Initial Coin Offering (ICO) program winkPark’s virtual currency is on offer at half price!
  • Make an investment in a solution which actually works
  • Earn money on the guaranteed spread!

Crowdsale Ends on:

Time is up, sorry!
Soft Cap
Hard Cap

The minimum sale is 0,05 ETH for 220 TalaRs (recommended transfer settings: Gas Price GWEI 3,5 and Gas Limit 250 000)

What is winkPark?

“Imagine a world in which drivers help one another find parking spaces. Imagine one driver waiting for another to give up to him his parking space. Imagine that you no longer have to endure stress only because there are no available parking spaces down your street. All this is possible thanks to the winkPark app”.

Piotr Kowalczyk, SPARKING CEO


Our Referral Program

Do you like the idea of winkPark app?
Act fast! First come, first served!
Our bounty referral program has finally started, participate and earn lots of TalaRs!

Tokensale Stages

October 23, 2018

1 ETH = up to 5500 TalaRs

up to 60% bonus

85,000,000 TalaRs

(up to $4.5 million)

December 31, 2018

1 ETH = up to 4400 TalaRs

up to 50% bonus

1,700,000,000 TalaRs

(up to $85 million)

Regular App Sale
January 01, 2019

1 ETH = up to 2200 TalaRs

0% bonus

Drivers will be able to buy tokens through the application and use them as virtual currency, to make payments within the system.

Token Structure

TalaR graphic symbol

Cost of 1 TalaR token: Pre-sale US $ 0.04 ETH equivalent
ICO Program US $ 0.05 ETH equivalent
Regular in app sale US $ 0.10
Term of token sale: 88 days with the possibility of an automatic early completion in pursuing the final goals of ICO
Expanded goals after start of ICO: Impossible
Technical limitation of tokens: 3,400,000,000
ICO Program Supply: 1,700,000,000
Adjustable emission: Tokens not sold during the ICO campaign will be moved to the overall pool of tokens and made available for purchases through the app.
Secured ways to purchase tokens: Ethereum (ETH), (fiat payments in app after ICO program)
Softcap: $ 4,500,000
Hardcap: $ 85,000,000
ICO Program
In App Sale
Advisors, Team, Bounty Program, Future Fund

Soft-cap Budget Allocation

  • 25% Product Development

    Product development according to the roadmap.

  • 45% Marketing, sales, merchant acquisition & partnerships

    Expenses for attracting the drivers to the platform, making partnerships with parkings providers, website builders, loyalty programs services providers and other partners.

  • 18% Operations

    Operational costs, non-tech staff salaries.

  • 6% Legal

    Company and subsidiaries establishment, contracts, development of legal opinions about the entire stack of services and operations, etc.

  • 6% Management

    C-level executives salaries.


Q4 2018
Improvement of app’s visual side, operations, gamification function, commands, localizing into the leading languages of the world
Q2 2019
Token-based payment model starts
Q4 2019
Integration with IoT, full operation on Android Auto
Q3 2020
Own cryptocurrency starts
Q1 2019
Start of the iOS version, implementation of functionalities for groups, localizing into the remaining languages
Q3 2019
“Rental” functionality starts
Q2 2020
Servicing of commercial car parks starts

Q4 2018 Progress

Development 100%
Design 100%
Marketing 100%

The ICO campaign is the presale of tokens at 50% off the regular price in app

The value of tokens and cryptocurrency will be tied to the pricing of time and one’s service of waiting for the arrival of another driver.
Over time, the price of a token in the app will be increasing to reflect the decreasing number of available tokens.
Investors will be able to sell tokens to the app’s users and have an immediate return at 100% from the transaction.

TalaR token price
in pre-sale



TalaR token price
ICO program sale



TalaR token
regular app price

Our Team

„Our team is made up of top specialists who face challenges daily, overcome even the biggest difficulties, and constantly increase their knowledge to create even more innovative solutions with the use of latest technologies. I’m proud of being able to accomplish all the company’s projects with them.”

Mirosław Grochot, SPARKING VCEO


We are in the Media

Dear Friends,

Our ICO has ended. Unfortunately, we did not manage to gather enough funds to continue the project in the shape presented in the whitepaper. We have analyzed all our steps and identified our mistakes. What conclusions we have made and what we will do next: we will repackage the product and may even rebrand it. We aim to communicate the globality of our idea to the big investors. We will conduct pre-sale and ICO according to the usual market scheme, attracting professional investors in advance.

This is just the beginning! Stay tunned!