Swap parking spaces in the streets and parking sites.
Together, we are building the largest community of drivers who help one another find parking spaces.

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Join a community of drivers who help each other find parking spaces

We share one goal:
to reduce traffic congestion in the city!

We’ve built an app to help solve all parking problems which drivers in the cities across the globe have to face on a daily basis.
For this, we rely on the power of the community, that is you!

WinkPark is based on an assumption of mutual cooperation of drivers. Our current activities focus around this idea. It is you who are the suppliers of information about available parking spaces, so thanks to you the system is alive!

Together we can enable a smooth information flow to let others know about available parking spaces, and:

winkpark park free spaces

minimize traffic congestion across the city streets and parking lots

winkpark cares about ecology


winkpark more time for you

save everybody loads of time

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Sounds interesting? Join us today!

We are building a global community of drivers who share information about available parking spaces. Join our community today and help us fill the map up with markers. Share the news among your friends and try it out together. You'll see how cool it works!

This is how it works:


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Use it to share information about available parking spaces


Start parking your car with no problems

Soon, you will see benefits from using winkPark coming your way

We’re currently working on a system of micropayments to enable you to:

Mark available parking spaces and receive financial tips from those who will utilize information provided by you

Swap parking spaces with other drivers for a fee. Others will pay you for waiting for them

Download winkPark now and start collecting experience points to become a credible partner for transactions!