winkPark FAQ

  1. What is winkPark?

    winkPark is a global parking mobile app which helps drivers save money and time.
  2. How does winkPark work?

    winkPark creates the community of drivers who share information about free spaces to park. winkPark prevents from wasting fuel and time. It is a perfect solution for the environment and your comfort.

    Create an account in winkPark mobile app and see for yourself how you can simplify your everyday life.
  3. How do I mark free spaces to park?

    You can mark free space to park in 3 easy steps. 
    Step 1. Click the blue button on the main view of the map.
    Step 2. Put a pin in the right spot on the map.
    Step 3. Press the button "Announce".
  4. How do I flag my location on the map?

    You can flag your location on the map follow those three steps:
    Step 1. Click the green button on the main view of the map. 
    Step 2. Put a pin in the right spot on the map.
    Step 3. Say within what time period you are going to vacate this parking space.

    Now all you need to do is wait for another driver.
  5. How do I know if my city is covered by winkPark?

    winkPark is global, you can park faster and join our community all over the world.
  6. Can I cancel my booking?

    You can cancel your reservation but you need to keep in mind that it means losing one life point.
    Life points renew after 24 hours.